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NOAA Tabular Weather

16 September 2013

This is my favorite source of weather forecast.

Peak Week II: The Final

23 November 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, the final for Peak Week II was incredibly disappointing. The number is 52.11 mpg.

I swear to you that the first commute leg on this tank yielded 55 mpg. It really did. The weather just didn’t hold as the week went on. One leg coming home from work featured a steady, cold rain for 44 miles. I just couldn’t recover from it.

I do think Pulse and Glide helped to keep this tank above 51. But it is not a technique I can recommend for the highway. It works really well in the city, though. As I coasted into my fuel vendor of choice, the ECU posted a p1300 “Igniter Circuit Fault ( Bank #1 )” code. I blame pulse and glide.

I want to give a big  thanks to all the moderators and contributors at  Thanks to information from the forum, I have saved $417 in fuel and burned 161 fewer gallons of gasoline as compared to the EPA highway rating for my car since February.


I have five more days of motorized commute ahead of me. That statement is a hot breakfast for my soul.

Peak Week II: The Mystery of Glory Time

18 November 2010

One of the peculiarities of the Terceleporter I was only able to learn once I had a digital instrument in place. I gauge the performance of my car not by the overall average MPG it attains, but by the way it performs on sustained climbs. The largest factor in fuel efficiency is always the behavior of the driver. But on sustained climbs, with the help of the Ultra-Gauge, I can maintain a very precise throttle position and see what the car is able to do with it.

Normally, I feel pretty good if the Tercel will maintain 43 MPG at 54+ MPH while climbing on the highway. This is, after all, 7 MPG over the car’s EPA rating of 36 MPG highway. But when the Tercel achieves Glory Time, it will sometimes make the same climb at 50 MPG or better.

The trouble is, I don’t know what causes Glory Time. I have begun to suspect that it is at least partially related to maintining a coolant temperature over 184 degrees F. At present, I just have to hope it will happen, and be ready to capitalize on it. TWSS?

Peak Week II

16 November 2010

The great news is that I have found new employment. One of the many benefits of this change is a dramatically shorter commute–29.6 miles shorter–each way. I will, in fact, be cycling to work from December 6th. It is a great day to be alive.

I filled up the tank of the trusty old Terceleporter today. This may be the last full tank I burn before the end of my motorized commute. Although cold weather is certainly detrimental to efficient driving, I think a peculiarity of my car and our current temperatures may come together for a very special tank.

The target I failed to achieve during the first peak week was 53 mpg. Over the course of the following summer I was able to average over 54 mpg and set a personal record of 57.7 mpg.

Looking at the weather over the next 10 days, I’m going to set my new target to fail to reach at 56 mpg. I filled up the Terceleporter to the first pump click today. I will endeavor to return to the same pump and fill to first click for the end of the tank.

Although the weather is much less favorable now than during the first peak week, I have three things going for me.
1) Several mods have been completed since the last run.
Terceleporter 25 October 2010
2) Road construction along my route has been completed.
3) I now have instrumentation, which has allowed me to identify a special, high-performance mode I’m going to call “Glory Time”.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s peak week again.


Peak Week: last run

16 April 2010

Electrons seek ground. The universe cools. The Tercel returns to the Independence BP.

Time to get stoichiometric.