A Day at Worlds of Fun


Worlds of Fun serves as a sort of litmus test of that moment when the line representing the child’s urge to repeat peak experiences crosses the line representing the adult’s growing sense of restraint. The crossing of these lines occurred for me several years ago. I found that despite being a free agent in the park, I could not fulfill my dream of riding multiple roller coasters in rapid succession. To put it better, I could, but I no longer cared to do so. It tasted of both wisdom and disappointment. Such is life.

My wife, who has perhaps a greater lust for life than me in some aspects, has also found that her lines have crossed. Maureen expressed to me on several occasions her intentions to ride the “Patriot” coaster as many times as possible. Please consult the list of our rides in order ridden below to see what actually occured.

Spinning Dragons
Fury of the Nile

Between “Spinning Dragons” and the Fury, I rode the “Fjord Fjairlane” with my sister. It is so relaxing as to be considered a negative ride in terms of nausea. I nearly talked Maureen into “Le Taxitour” at one point. We noted that neither of us actually like driving. The “Boomerang” took a lot out of both Maureen and I.

If you are young and there is an amusement park that you wish you had one low-attendance day to exploit, I recommend you do it. Go with one friend who shares your interest. Go without the restraints of your youth group or parents. Go before your lines cross. Go in October.


One Response to “A Day at Worlds of Fun”

  1. maureen Says:

    Maureen’s quick reviews:
    Patriot: Badass
    Boomerang: Nauseating/Terrifying
    Mamba: “Lord have mercy”
    Zulu: Couples’ ride
    Spinning Dragons: Not as bad as I thought
    Fury of the Nile: Not so furious, in a good way
    Skyliner: Not really a “ride”

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