Peak Week II: The Final


Ladies and gentlemen, the final for Peak Week II was incredibly disappointing. The number is 52.11 mpg.

I swear to you that the first commute leg on this tank yielded 55 mpg. It really did. The weather just didn’t hold as the week went on. One leg coming home from work featured a steady, cold rain for 44 miles. I just couldn’t recover from it.

I do think Pulse and Glide helped to keep this tank above 51. But it is not a technique I can recommend for the highway. It works really well in the city, though. As I coasted into my fuel vendor of choice, the ECU posted a p1300 “Igniter Circuit Fault ( Bank #1 )” code. I blame pulse and glide.

I want to give a big  thanks to all the moderators and contributors at  Thanks to information from the forum, I have saved $417 in fuel and burned 161 fewer gallons of gasoline as compared to the EPA highway rating for my car since February.


I have five more days of motorized commute ahead of me. That statement is a hot breakfast for my soul.


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One Response to “Peak Week II: The Final”

  1. hannah Says:

    wow. not to add salt to your wounds, but 52.11 is quite disappointing. but given your overall achievements with the tercel, i’d chalk the whole thing up as a big win.

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