Peak Week II: The Mystery of Glory Time


One of the peculiarities of the Terceleporter I was only able to learn once I had a digital instrument in place. I gauge the performance of my car not by the overall average MPG it attains, but by the way it performs on sustained climbs. The largest factor in fuel efficiency is always the behavior of the driver. But on sustained climbs, with the help of the Ultra-Gauge, I can maintain a very precise throttle position and see what the car is able to do with it.

Normally, I feel pretty good if the Tercel will maintain 43 MPG at 54+ MPH while climbing on the highway. This is, after all, 7 MPG over the car’s EPA rating of 36 MPG highway. But when the Tercel achieves Glory Time, it will sometimes make the same climb at 50 MPG or better.

The trouble is, I don’t know what causes Glory Time. I have begun to suspect that it is at least partially related to maintining a coolant temperature over 184 degrees F. At present, I just have to hope it will happen, and be ready to capitalize on it. TWSS?


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