Peak Week II: Early Update


Since this is a go-for-broke top efficiency run, I’m employing a couple of driving techniques I’m usually cautious with. The first is engine off coasting or “EOC” as it’s known among hypermilers. I regularly use this method, but this week, I’m aggressively applying it wherever I can. And I can apply it more often due to the fact that I’m also using Pulse and Glide or “P&G.”

I suspect that regular use of P&G just has to accelerate transmission and clutch wear. I also have yet to undertake an injector killswitch mod, so my car’s ECU also gets cycled every time I kill the motor. Since I depend on my car for a commute, I didn’t want to take any risks that would compromise reliability. The ECU is not cheap. Frankly, P&G annoys me on the highway as well.

Here’s the bottom line. I got into a good P&G groove for about the final third of my drive to work this morning. The ultra-gauge is reporting 55 mpg average. This is an encouraging start.

Also, I’m not bothering with GPS readings this time. My odometer, ultra-gauge, GPS, GPS navigator, and google maps are all consistently within 1% of each other. This isn’t a laboratory. I’m calling it good enough.


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One Response to “Peak Week II: Early Update”

  1. hannah Says:

    this whole post reeks of TWSS to me.

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