Marriage Side Effect #1


I have adopted Maureen’s habit of referring to a cheeseburger as a “cheeseburg.” Perhaps this word is meant to draw a similarity between a cheeseburger and an iceberg. Could it be that the taste of a cheeseburger is the tip of the iceberg that is the way you feel after consuming one?

Or maybe the “burg” suffix refers to a town? You are now entering Burg of Cheese, population: delicious.


4 Responses to “Marriage Side Effect #1”

  1. hannah Says:

    #1 implies that we will be getting a full list of these. Which makes me very happy.

    Question, does In n’ Out fall under the cheeseburg category too, or does she assign it it’s own name?

  2. maureen Says:

    First of all, I’m pretty sure that this has come full circle, b/c while the specific term “cheeseburg” might have come from me, the silly and unnecessary tendency to abbreviate things (that I love), I got from you! For example, “water-b” instead of “water bottle”. That’s a Toby classic that certainly originated with you.

    Nevertheless, I will claim cheeseburg as my own. Although I can offer no explanation as to whether it’s more like an iceberg or a small town.

    I don’t suppose that I have a separate term for the ultimate cheeseburg at In n’ Out. But what defines a cheeseburger is less its name, and more its level of “Cheeseburger Letdown” vs. “Cheeseburger Satisfaction.” There’s nothing worse than craving a perfect juicy cheeseburg and getting a dry or bland piece of meat that barely has a slice of cheese on it. That is the ultimate Cheeseburger Letdown. Based on this information, I venture to say, and believe you would agree with me, Hannah, that In n’ Out has no capacity for Cheeseburger Letdown. Rather, they are a haven of the truest and most dependable Cheeseburger Satisfaction.

    Now. Have I said too much? ;)

  3. maureen Says:

    Proof that I’ve been adhering to this for nearly 3 years:

    see #c

  4. lou ann Says:

    now you’ve done it. I think we’ll need to have cheeseburgs for dinner tonight.

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