A Man of Small Ambitions


One personality deficiency I have is that of low ambition. I had occasion today to remember a cute example of this from my early childhood.

It cannot be denied that as a small boy I had a deep and abiding love for anything that pulled a trailer. There were few things that could touch me as strongly as a truck pulling a trailer with another vehicle on top of the trailer. If that towed vehicle were of another medium, for example a boat or helicopter, it was nearly more than I could bear.

It goes without saying that I found semis impressive indeed. Knight Rider’s rolling lab and headquarters could be in any one of them. This I knew in my heart of hearts.

It happened one day that my childhood friend Tim suggested that when we grew up we could become semi truck drivers. It was a step too far. It seemed to me that such an honor was not to be pursued. The operation of such a wonder was surely bestowed upon a man by a high and incorruptible power.

I countered the suggestion with, “Maybe we could wash them.”

Maybe we could wash them.

That is how high my view of my future abilities went as a boy of 5 years. I supposed that maybe, if everything went very well, it would be possible that I could attain unto the washing of large trucks.



4 Responses to “A Man of Small Ambitions”

  1. kerry Says:

    i love this story. aim high, litlte toby.

  2. maureen Says:

    about fell off my chair reading this one. what a classic.

  3. lou ann Says:

    i’m still in my chair, but i’m rolling in it! i’m so glad my daughter married you! you bring us much joy!

  4. alan Says:

    You mean there are higher attainments to be had?

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