Peak Week: It’s Over!


Discretion is the better part of valor, and discretion ruled today. But glory would feel better. I started to feel that I was really pushing it by the time I reached the Leavenworth exit. Peak week coasted to an end at QuickTrip pump 16.

Here’s the final:

odometer: 90186 miles
vehicle mileage: 529 miles
GPS mileage: 523 miles
fuel consumed: 9.983 gallons

I assure you that I pumped the gas until it spilled over the splash gate. The pump first clicked off at 9.74. If we calculate using the vehicle mileage, we arrive at:

52.99 mpg

Or using the GPS mileage:


If we take the average:


In any case, I failed to meet my goal of 53 mpg. Oof.


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