Peak Week: end game


The Tercel is being rained upon in the parking lot of my workplace. The odometer reads 90161. A sliver of black separates the needle and empty mark.

Coasting out of the Ktag lane, I merged directly behind a capsule type tanker truck–the ideal wake generator for my car. Kismet, ladies and gentlemen. Dare I say, “check, mate, and match”?


7 Responses to “Peak Week: end game”

  1. maureen Says:

    You dare!!!!!!!!!

  2. maureen Says:


  3. maureen Says:

    I don’t know baby, you better check yoself BEFORE you wreck yoself!

  4. toby Says:

    Maureen, please have your phone on you around 3:45. I may need you to bring me some gasoline.

  5. Nathan Colgate Says:

    21 miles @ 51mpg = 0.412 gallons = 95.172 cubic inches of gas needed to break your record (note: NOT get home)

    11.781 cubic inches of gas in 20 feet of 1/4″ ID gas line (send & return) and fuel injectors
    3.534 cubic inches of gas in a 2″ cylindrical inline fuel filter with 1.5″ ID
    Another 3.5 cubic inches of gas in a similarly sized fuel pump and in tank fuel filter
    Carburetor: 1.75 cubic inches
    Throttle: 1.75 cubic inches

    72.857 cubic inches remaining = 5.046 Cups of gas needed in tank

    Double Dare.

    • toby Says:

      Superb analysis Nathan. Nathan’s final number translates to about a third of a gallon required in the tank to break the record.

      Also, I hope not to dry the fuel pump. I’d really like to get home on this tank, so let’s say 44 miles. That yields .863 gallons necessary at my previous best of 51 mpg. If we reduce Nathan’s remnant fuel estimate to 60 cubic inches for safety that gives us a bonus .259 gallons.

      Bottom line: are there .604 gallons in the tank right now? Probably not. Worse still, my consumption rate may suffer due to ambient temperatures about 15 degrees below the week’s average. IF I make it home, it is going to be very close.

  6. hannah Says:

    being without gas seems like the direct opposite of PEAK. good luck!!

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