Peak Week: day 5


Numbers for 15 April.

Odometer final: 90116 miles
GPS milage: 104
total driving time: 2:20:00
time stopped: 01:55
average speed: 44.4 mph
top speed: 62.1 mph

Over the largest sample yet, the GPS and odometer agreed. I’m stymied. Actually I’m not. I think the poor accuracy of the GPS during the first few minutes of each trip is probably a contributor.

It’s all well and good to try to conserve fuel, but if you drive over 100 miles a day, you will make far more impact by changing your lifestyle. I know. I ran an errand today that I have never run before, and very likely never will again. I purchased a state of Missouri fishing permit. The CIA mainframe is probably adding that juicy bit to my profile as I write. My projected likelihood of oral cancer was just upgraded to 3%.

This behavior choice put me right in the teeth of the 70-670-70 automocluster at drive-like-stupid-o’clock. Is peak week about idealizing all conditions? Or is it about performing in the real world? Is a milage rating that doesn’t include a trip to a Wal-Mart that is literally addressed on a highway legitimate?

We are in the final deciliters. The Tercel does not fool me with what it reports as slightly below one quarter of a tank. I know it to be probably more like one sixth. I’m considering putting a half gallon of gas in the trunk. ┬áIf I make it home tomorrow without refueling, the record is going to be smashed, GPS mileage or otherwise.

Tomorrow afternoon a small, metallic flake silver car will be driving along I-70 on fumes. In this car will be a man reeking of panic sweat. His mantra: Peak week!


One Response to “Peak Week: day 5”

  1. michaela Says:

    on the edge of my seat!

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