Peak Week: day 4


Numbers for 14 April.

Odometer final: 90012 miles
GPS milage: 87.3
total driving time: 1:48:00
time stopped: 01:49
average speed: 47.7 mph
top speed: 61.6 mph

Something is definitely wrong with my exit. Maureen has posited that there is a new detour on 29 somewhere that is causing the situation. I didn’t go around today, because the backup was lighter than the past two days. It still took me three cycles of the lights to get through the intersection.

Morning shift excellent. Caught the wake from some triple trailers. Gusting winds in the afternoon. Suspect radiator fan is kicking in.

I have never recorded an entire tank on GPS before. It is highlighting the inaccuracy of my car’s odometer.  The odometer has us at 355 miles on the tank, while the GPS is at 349.9. Humph. I have the GPS reading at its highest possible rate, so I’m inclined to trust it. Google Maps puts my commute at 43.3 to 43.4 miles, while I am reading 43.6 on the GPS. Anyone have an opinion?

No bird flips sighted so far. I’ve had a few flashed brights and one case of HARSH WORDS. I think I might have also found a kindred spirit. A young man in a silver late model Honda Accord drafted me for about 6 miles when he could easily have passed. When I pulled over into an opening third lane, he drifted past me at 60 or so.

Does he know it’s peak weak?


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4 Responses to “Peak Week: day 4”

  1. crabbnation Says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I am curious about window openings. Windows-down is irresistible during such ideal weather, but I imagine it would create some increased drag. How about octane selection?

  2. toby Says:

    I have not yet experimented with higher octane gas. But from what I’ve heard, it rarely pays.

    I’m glad you asked. The AC is out of course. Unfortunately, having a window down at highway speed is also makings for poor fuel economy. I enjoy the cool breezes as long as the car is traveling below 40 mph. Upwards from there, you have to tough it out with fan level 2 and eerie silence. Peak weekin ain’t easy!

  3. hannah Says:

    i still wager you should look into some sort of ice system. blue packs strapped to your thighs maybe?

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