Peak Week: day 3


Numbers for 13 April.

Odometer final: 89924 miles
GPS milage: 88.3
total driving time: 1:50:00
time stopped: 00:40
average speed: 48.1 mph
top speed: 61.3 mph

Solid run in the morning. Traffic seemed slightly heavy. High winds on the way home were taxing. Traffic at my home exit again. What the? I called an audible and swung around to the 11th street exit. I think it was the right thing to do.

I’m researching an alternate exit strategy for the home run. I’ve never seen traffic backed up at my exit like this before. They don’t make peak week easy, do they?

The heavy wind and exit weirdness left me discouraged about my performance on this tank. I thought it was time to take stock. The fuel gauge shows the needle about one width above half. If we are conservative and call this a half tank (5 gallons), and use the GPS milage total (262.6 miles), we come out at 52.52 mpg.

It’s not over, babies. It’s peak week.


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2 Responses to “Peak Week: day 3”

  1. hannah Says:

    you know, you are missing a crucial stat for each day. number of middle finger sitings. i’d like to see it up there, even if it’s a big fat zero each day.

    i was going to ask about the exit strategy. what did you do the day before? put it in neutral i assume. is it worth turning the car all the way off? or does it use too much fuel to restart?

  2. toby Says:

    Even in the best circumstances this exit accounts for maybe 30% of my total commute stress. Two highway exits enter traffic on Independence at this intersection. The green light for my direction lasts 9 seconds. The Independence lanes get 32. I have only coasted from the highway through the intersection once in over 100 chances.

    I usually leverage the downhill slope. If I can creep continuously with the engine off, I can usually keep up with the average of the “stop and go” for one or two light cycles. But if I come to a stop, there is a penalty in restarting the engine.

    There is always a panhandler. Occasionally an entire light cycle is wasted when someone unfamiliar with the extreme brevity of the light pauses to engage him or her. Also there is a dude who parks his robin’s egg blue 80’s Plymouth Squarecar directly under a no parking sign for the exact duration of rush hour blocking the right lane of independence EVERY DAY.

    PEAK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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