Close Encounters with Creatures


I feel very blessed in that I have come into close contact with quite a number of this world’s species. I keep a sort of mental collection of these moments. I would love to hear of some of my friends’ similar experiences. Read on to see some of my closest encounters with wildlife.

1) Elephant: touched, ridden, dissected
2) Camel: touched, ridden, eaten, attended slaughter, drank milk
3) Mule Deer: ridden my bike within touching distance, eaten
4) Tarantula: held, owned as pet
5) Cobra: killed, close proximity
6) Python: close proximity, touched, eaten
7) Black Mamba: touched, killed
8) Hyena: surrounded by
9) Zebra: surrounded by, very close proximity
10) Grevy’s Zebra: close proximity
11) Gerenuk: nearly bumped into me
12) Warthog: touched, fed, eaten
13) Giraffe: touched, fed, kissed
14) Patas Monkey: held, fed, emancipated, provided alibi(s) for
15) Monitor Lizard: touched, eaten
16) Beluga Whale: close proximity
17) African Killer Honeybee: stung
18) Sysal Bug: held
19) Secretary Bird: close proximity
20) Gecko: very close proximity
21) Leopard: close proximity (distinctly heard, but not seen), seen at distance
22) Red Fox: occassional close proximity on bicycle
23) Blue Dragon Lizard: touched
24) Hawkmoth: very close proximity
25) Reef Dwelling Eel: fed, very close proximity
26) Manta Ray: close proximity
27) Eland: eaten
28) Ostrich: ridden, eaten
29) White Rhino: very close proximity
30) Cheetah: touched

That’s all for now. Let me hear your similar lists or ambitions. I’d like to try mammoth steak before I die. I want to ride an orca. I’d consider my life an unqualified success if I ever touched a blue whale.


6 Responses to “Close Encounters with Creatures”

  1. haeshu Says:

    you’ve forgotten one-

    31) Sea Cucumber: too chicken to touch, but my badass wife did.

  2. toby Says:

    Ouch. I was leaving that one for her list.

    Sea cucumbers have given me the willies since small times.

  3. haeshu Says:

    well it at least deserves a “close proximity” right?

  4. Nathan Colgate Says:

    Tarsier: awoken, touched, fed

  5. maureen Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Hannah.

    I share several on Toby’s list, my favorite of which is, Cheetah: petted and snuggled and made friends with (okay….fine…just petted).

    Toby you should add octopus–remember we were in close proximity to one in Malindi?

    Also did you see a beluga in the wild or are you referring to a certain Shedd Aquarium?

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