Ironic Cat House


Fish can haz me?

My mother quilted this fish shaped house for our cat Lucinda as a Christmas gift. She put a lot of work into it and the results were impressive. It took Lucinda some days to warm up to the idea of voluntarily entering the digestive track of a fish. I hope that the following report will warm my mother’s heart.

I set my small camera up to auto shoot the fish every five minutes starting at 7am this morning. Let’s see what the record shows.

Lucinda is no fool, she noticed the camera as early as 07:53.

At 08:28, the cat is clearly out and about.

Fish empty and cat nowhere to be seen at 10:38.

We have ingestion! 10:43.

Cat clearly at ease in fish gut at 11:03.

Three hours and fifty five minutes later, the cat has not left the fish! 14:38 is the time.

Exit cat, 15:53--five hours and 10 minutes inside a fish.

None the worse for the experience at 15:58.

And There you have it.


3 Responses to “Ironic Cat House”

  1. Andromeda Ranger Says:

    This is going up on me wallpaper. Love it. It’s like some kind of karmic vengeance: the cat swallowed by the fish. Or is it like the lion laying down with the lamb? The reconciliation of natural enemies. A certain someone will have an epiphany when she sees this!

  2. michelle Says:

    after reading the title, i was wondering what a house was going to look like for an ironic cat. i hadn’t known lucinda was particularly ironic, but i wasn’t too surprised to hear it. she is pretty witty. but then. this is so much better. and the way the fish is pretending to look away! “oh, i don’t care if i catch anyth—” gulp.

  3. maureen Says:

    What I want to say is that Toby is becoming just as much of a cat person as I often get made fun of for being. And it warms my heart.

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