Time Savers Pro Tips


What if I told you that you could save less than a second about half the time you use the microwave?

If you are like me, you frequently use less than 2 minutes cook time on your microwave. Are you aware that many microwaves will accept time entries of up to 99 seconds? Let’s say you want to irradiate some food for 1:30 like I often do. Try entering 90 seconds. You may find that you can save yourself an entire button push.

Imagine how this could add up over a lifetime.


3 Responses to “Time Savers Pro Tips”

  1. michaela Says:

    this adds a new dimension to lunch time. thank you.

  2. Nathan Colgate Says:

    My lazy finger enjoys the not-having-to-move bit more than the one-less-button-to-push bit. Most of my microwave times are repeating integers: 1:11, 0:77, 3:33. Is there a mathematical term for that? Numbers like 2,222,222?

  3. Alfonzo Says:

    My microwave is actually a portal to another dimension. In that dimension there is no time as we know it. I only have to put the food in the microwave and think about how I want it to come out. It’s a case of: I think therefore I eat.

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