Piracy is a legitimate form of income in modern day Somalia. You can buy a coffin at Costco. A percentage of scientists believe that everything you know and love is the by-product of a computer simulation which does not have you as its purpose. Try to rectify yourself to that cosmological irrelevance if you can.

Somewhere out of the corner of my eye, I recently read that, “The only real tragedy in life is not to have been a saint.” That got to me.

I’m a married man in America.

I do truly believe that a practical solution to many of our largest problems has been with us for over a century. It is called the bicycle. I felt for a long time that it was reasonable to suggest this to people.

Maintaining our current level of comfort and helping reduce global warming is probably having our cake and eating it too. Increasing efficiency is rarely fun.

It has been my experience that moderation in all things truly is a secret to a good life.

I’ve often wondered: in any given system, how can an all-powerful and all-knowing entity not at least share responsibility in all outcomes?

C.S. Lewis makes a point that gluttony as a sin is far more destructive in developing delicacy than in mere excess consumption.

When I watch a wild animal these days, it is easy for me to think that I am watching one of God’s thoughts.


3 Responses to “Rand()”

  1. Nathan Colgate Says:

    Is one of those wild thoughts “Start manufacturing and selling bicycles”? Because I think it should be.

  2. maureen Says:

    I think point #5 is extremely pertinent. Our need for comfort will be our doom.

  3. Alfonzo Says:

    As far as C.S. Lewis, I read recently that he was a cigarette glutton (plus pipes, I think). I think it’s cool that he was so imperfect and unsaintly and yet one of the most effective apostles (wide influence) of the last century.
    Piracy here in America is not direct income: it is a way to own media at no cost. It may signify the basic disease of the Internet Age. A great degree of destabilization of economies in the present day is due to the Web.
    I would say that the “all-knowing entity” does share in all outcomes. But I don’t mean by that to say he is complicit in the cause of all outcomes. He is responsible, though, for fixing those outcomes — in the long run. He did that fix 2,000 years ago.
    The lack of moderation has given America a big OOOF, if you will. The hyper-capitalism of recent decades brought the chickens home to roost in 2008. The whole world was copying our debt gluttony (example: Dubai). We’ve been in worse shape before, but this spanking is going to hurt a lot. We will hopefully become a better people for it.

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