The Best Girlfriend in the World


3D reborn HDR

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Her name is Maureen. She has waited very patiently for me to return from Sudan for over a year. One might think that was enough. It was more than enough, really. But did she stop there? She did not.

I’ve been riding this bike frame for 9 years now. It was a hard day for me when I sat on the top tube and it suddenly was entirely separated from the seat tube. It honestly felt like a pretty bad omen considering the timing–days before I left for Africa. I look forward with relish to reassembling the thing from the ground up. Maybe I will finally build those disc brake wheels I’ve thought of for years.

I was simply flabbergasted when Maureen slid this thing out of a large box she had in her closet. I would not have guessed in 100 years that she had accomplished this for me and kept it secret. There is quite simply no material gift in this world I would have been more delighted with.

Maureen, you are a gem. I don’t even know what else to say.

7 Responses to “The Best Girlfriend in the World”

  1. maureen Says:

    You’re welcome, BBITW. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Jeremy Chrysler for providing the information of the man who built your bike in the first place (and consequently was the only one who could repair it!), and also a shout out to him, Chris Herting, for making it all happen. And also a shout-out to Jesus for bringing you home safely to receive this gift. No further shout-outs at this time.

  2. Shena Says:

    I have to tell you both that this post completely brightened my day. It is the most delightful relationship story thing ever, and…I don’t even know. I am amazed and inspired by your coupledom. No lie.

  3. Alfonzo Delonzo Says:

    Is out-shouting anything like primal-screaming?

  4. Musa Says:

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  5. maureen Says:

    I mean, I love that the title of this post is the first thing I see when I check your blog, but I’d also love to see some new posts upinz. Don’t forget about us out here in interweb-land. We need us some ukweli.

  6. brett Says:

    sknzxxx…i’m with maux. new post up in this piece! i need some ukweli to pass the day.

  7. Marinkina Says:

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