Foundation Pour


I started my day today with the following:
1 fried egg on bread
4 tablets Coartem
1 pill multivitamin
1 pill probiotic
2 tablets extra strength Maalox PLUS
2 pills acetaminophen
500 ml Coca-Cola

Given that breakfast of champions, it is probably safe to assume
anything suspect I now relate is due to hallucination. I don’t normally
ingest quite so much chemistry in the morning. I have been caught in
what I now believe to be a cross-fire between several body ailments. It
is exceedingly unpleasant when hunger makes you nauseated, nausea makes
you thirsty, and drinking water makes you hungry.

Cement was poured into a hole in Kororak today.  PICTURE There is no turning back
now. There is every reason to hope we can have masons bringing up the
walls before the end of this week.

I had intended to pour the remainder of the foundation tomorrow.
However, one of our tractors’ trailers broke down. This means we won’t
have sufficient sand tomorrow to mix concrete. I dare say that in the
course of my time here, there has rarely been a week that one of our
trailers was not broken. Sure, the X-prize is cool, but if you want a
real design challenge try building a trailer that will operate for three
successive weeks in Nuba.

Toby days remaining: 14


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