Kororak Primary School Underway


Grass burned in Kororak today. After a short meeting with a few members
of the school committee and teachers of Kororak, we chose a site for the
first set of classrooms. The committee has wisely decided to place the
two buildings at opposite sides of the ample playground. Anyone who has
witnessed the synchronized shouting that serves as a memorization
technique in African primary schools will appreciate the acoustical
foresight of this decision.

Our chief Marcos is gifted when it comes to official action. He took the
siting as a queue and immediately set the 7 by 30 meter swath of earth
on fire. Nearly burning down the former school was perhaps a subtle hint
that everyone is very ready for some new classrooms.

A leader from another community has already approached me about a school rebuild in their area.

Toby days remaining: 25


4 Responses to “Kororak Primary School Underway”

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  3. brett Says:

    looking forward to the homecoming tobes!

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