Double Christmas Miracle


Some months ago in Kororak, we completed the construction of a small clinic. There was at this time a meager clinical service there. Following the completion of the clinic, medical service in Kororak came to a halt do to complete lack of medicine. This was very disheartening as easily treated problems such as malaria and worms take a serious toll on the children of the area. Pregnancy complications are also a very common problem. Taking people on emergency trips to faraway clinics has been a second job for our compound staff ever since I arrived in Moro.

The people of Kororak have started an initiative to improve their school, which is in a very poor state, structurally. They have raised tuition and hired new teachers, and hope to hire yet more. Their goal is to not only improve the level of education and increase enrollment, but to replace the buildings as well. Along with my former teammate, Andy Scheer, I was eager to be involved in the project. The budget for the new buildings, humble as they will be, is well outside the means of the Kororak community. My hope that the building phase would be started before my departure was fading.

I approached a medical NGO in Lewere called German Emerency Doctors–Cap Anamur in Germany. The most hope they could give us was that when their director next visited, they would tell him about the situation in Moro, and they would see what he had to say. Meanwhile, we were waiting for permission from Samaritan’s Purse to seek outside funding for the school construction. A surprise visit was indeed made by the GED staff to Kororak, and many encouraging things were said. Months went by waiting for word from higher up regarding the school. Pastor Morris and I began to openly wonder what would happen if I, as the last SP member involved in both projects, were to leave Moro before either was started in earnest.

Christmas Eve, 2008, I was the recipient of an email from Samaritan’s Purse leadership informing me that the Kororak Primary School was not only a valid project, but was also fully funded. The next evening I was having a Christmas dinner when I was told by a member of the German Emergency Doctors that the Kororak clinic had “the green light.”

I’m calling it the Double Christmas Miracle. I’m happy.


5 Responses to “Double Christmas Miracle”

  1. maureen Says:

    That’s what I’m talkin about. Toby Lunn. Making it happen. International Miracle Man.

  2. hannah Says:

    oh toby. this is so absolutely fantastic. you can come home with a smile now i think.

  3. peter Says:

    phenomenal news about the clinic – i hadn’t heard till just now reading your post. i’m overjoyed to hear that my friends in korrorak will be at the receiving end of much needed medical care. thanks for your work toby.

  4. Alfonzo Delonzo Says:

    You don’t get double miracles every day. I know I’m stoked.

  5. everline osano Says:

    can i work with you guys am a pharmacist

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