There is a situation developing in a nearby region of Sudan called Abyei. News coverage is not extensive. Maureen has discovered a good source for news of the Central Sudan regions. If you want to know more about Abyei and the fighting which is escalating there, you might try here.

The trouble has the potential to affect the whole future of Sudan. It is also not so far from where I am now. I would hate to see the Moro people under the duress and violence of war. Please pray that peace returns. Please pray that it remains.

For myself I would also ask for your prayers. My right knee has been giving me some sass lately. It has been just a little bit funny for a few years. This most recent time I really had to notice. With my years of cycling and my advanced age, these kinds of things are bound to happen.

My biggest frustration working here in Moro is the rate of decay of our tools and equipment. Sometimes, I have literally stopped myself from hiding tools from our workshop members. Think about that. I was trying to hide tools from the men who are supposed to use them. We purchased an expensive tool called a chop saw. It stopped working 3 days ago. It is a month and half old. Pray that I can have wisdom and infinite patience in addressing this problem. It comes up daily. Our operation is bleeding dollars due to this factor alone.

If you have any space in your prayers. I would appreciate attention to these matters. Thanks.


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  1. maureen Says:

    here’s another site with good info:

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