Legend 2 of the Moro People


“The Best Time for Stealing Pigs”

If you are in the Nuba mountains, and you have any inclination to
raising or stealing pigs for a living, there is a cosmological factor
you need to take into account. It is widely known that a pig is a hard
animal to steal. They squeal continuously when you try to pick them up.

At certain times of year, the full moon can appear a bit red. The wise
pig thief knows this is the most auspicious time for his trade. One only
need point the pig’s snout to the moon before trying to pick him.
Everyone knows that when a pig sees a red moon, it believes the world is
coming to an end. Pigs universally face the final cataclysm with stoic

Toby :: 2.27.08


2 Responses to “Legend 2 of the Moro People”

  1. Sage Says:

    Any time I’ve seen a red moon I was struck dumb. Does this make me a pig?

  2. maureen Says:

    This reminds me of a certain little joke I once heard:

    What kind of semi-truck does a pig drive?
    -an 18-squealer

    (Thanks to DH for the original killer punchline.)

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