Legend 1 of the Moro People


“Wahaad Gaarhn”

There is a kind of rhinoceros that lives inside the Nuba mountains. They
are easily identified as they are the only creature in the world with
one horn. They only come out during the rainy season. They do so by
shattering the great rocks of the mountains while leaping out with
tremendous force. This dreadful passage opens a cataract of water from
the depths of the earth. This usually causes floods and destruction.

One of our welders reported that a latrine which collapsed at one of our
churches had fallen victim to one of these rhinos. People in the area
reported that they had seen it come out of the mountain and wreak its
terrible vengeance on that humble outhouse. Seeing the natural stone of
the land quarried and shaped to form a latrine for pitiful humanity must
strike a grievous note in the heart of a beast that chooses to live
inside the very mountains.

Thankfully, no one was inside at the time. Let us pray that I never meet
one of these dreadful creatures, particularly in the latrine. Could
anything be worse than a giant rhino exploding out of a mountain and
crushing you in a latrine? That is the worst day of your life.

Toby :: 2.27.08


One Response to “Legend 1 of the Moro People”

  1. Sage Says:

    Sort of like the scene in Jurassic Park. We must remember that the rhino is a sensitive creature. You might say it has a rhine-nose: an accute sense of smell. Also, rhinos have bad manners. They don’t mind “horning in” on others’ affairs. Put the two together and you have razed port-o-lets.

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