Impractical Friday / Kermix


This week’s Impractical Friday is a good candidate because, if you like puzzles (not the interlocking cardboard pieces), then you will soon be spending an impractical amount of time playing this game.


Instructions are simple: Arrows to move. Collect the coins and stars then go to the Green Block.

Execution is not always.

Hint: Mute the music by clicking the little speaker icon in the lower left corner.

Note: This is a new game to me. I’ve only played it a couple of times. Let me know if you get past Level 16.


6 Responses to “Impractical Friday / Kermix”

  1. mike Says:

    i finished all 25 levels, but i’m only 95th on the all time high score list. i have wasted a lot of time. but i think i can do better! [maniacal laughter]

  2. guestspeaker Says:

    nice!! that’s my biggest obstacle – time.

    and it’s so cool that even after you master a level, you can try to improve by reducing your # of moves.

  3. mc Says:

    i cant get past lvl 16… need help… uggg

  4. mc Says:

    i just got it!!! omg.. kk u have 2 get 2 of the blocks on top of each other on the top right next 2 the block

  5. mc Says:

    24 is hardddd..

  6. kb Says:

    I need help with level 24?

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