Wednesday Top 5 / Reasons Toby Will Win a Sandwich Tonight


I just had to seize one of the rare occasions in which Toby’s interests intersects with sports. Namely: college basketball. Let me catch you up. Toby’s recent house mate, landlord, and friend is a graduate of Kansas State University and consequently a fan of the Wildcats. Toby, being a graduate of the University of Kansas, is naturally inclined toward the Jayhawks, if not a fan in the true sense of the word.

Over the past couple of years, these two have maintained a friendly wager on the “Sunflower Showdown,” that is the ongoing rivalry basketball games between KU and KSU. The price? The loser must buy the winner a sandwich. Note that the sole reason for Toby’s involvement in this wager has nothing to do with sports or fandom, rather, it’s just good business. If you’re going to put your money on a horse year in and year out, better make it KU over KSU every time.

If you haven’t put it together by now, let me spill the beans. There is a 7PM tip-off for what has been coined as, “The Game for All Ages.” KU @ KSU. The only two Big 12 Teams left who are undefeated in conference play.

And without further ado, here are the Top 5 Reasons Toby Will Win a Sandwich Tonight:

1. KU has a perfect 20-0 record on the season.

2. Toby has a perfect 1-0 record for winning sandwiches while out of the country.

3. KU has beaten the Wildcats on their home court for as long as Wildcats Basketball has existed.

4. Toby has eaten every sandwich he’s won for as long as this wager has existed.

5. Even though KSU has the best player in the country, KU has the best team in the country.

Watch out Wildcats! Toby invests with integrity. A man comfortable with predictions. A man who has many more free sandwiches in queue for years to come.


13 Responses to “Wednesday Top 5 / Reasons Toby Will Win a Sandwich Tonight”

  1. jaymorgner Says:

    a few corrections please…

    a. The Jayhawks have beat the Wildcats in Manhattan as long as Bramlage Colosseum has existed, not Wildcat Basketball

    b. KU does not have the best team in the country according to the Top 25, that honor goes to the Memphis Tigers.

    c. though this is not contained in the above post it must be said. I hate KU.

    that is all.

  2. mike Says:

    i am presently seated in a building on the campus of the university of kansas. a cloaked emissary of sorts; a wildcat infiltrator into the bastion of granola and liberal decadence. it is said that venereal disease here is airborne. it is also said that the backdoor to hell is here. i have just overheard two jayhawks vigorously exchange the following: “if beasley scores 35, we lose.” “No, if beasley scores 35, we WIN.” “anyway, i think my clothes are dirtier than yours.” “no way, dude. i haven’t bathed in six months.”

    morgner, i fear that guestspeaker baited you into making correction (a). in any event, allen fieldhouse smells like urine. it is a giant turd on the landscape. the jayhawk is a tap-dancing, giant-beaked, freak of nature. “rock chalk jayhawk” is a nonsensical expression of uncertain origin. “hat bat wildcat! yayyyyy!”

  3. clark Says:

    I will go along with Mr. Beasley and guarantee a wildcat victory.

  4. maureen Says:

    I’m not going to get into this argument, but to appreciate the fact that #4 is actually a logical reason that KU will win. Toby must have more pull than I realized.

    Rock Chalk, babiez.

  5. The Sage Says:

    Aren’t jayhawks higher up on the evolutionary tree than wildcats? At the very least, they can get higher up in the trees than wildcats.

  6. david Says:

    come on…you have to go back 24 years to find a KSU win over KU in Manhattan.

    tonight is KSU’s best shot in a long while though. we’ll see who decides to show up. hopefully there won’t be any live chickens chucked to the court this year. that was classy.

  7. maureen Says:

    Oof. I guess we forgot to add “knock on wood” to all our claims to victory tonight.

  8. david Says:

    sorry, toby. no sandwich for you. ksu showed up. ks didn’t.

    did beasley have to towel the floor though? twice? strange kid.

  9. Chris Says:

    looks like you will be eating more crow than sandwich.

  10. Lar Says:

    David: Great post.
    Toby: Sandwich.

  11. Ryan Says:

    There is no such thing as a sure bet.

  12. david Says:

    Beasley might argue with that.

  13. jmac Says:

    hey mike: best comment posted on a blog ever…but, GO HAWKS!

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