Impractical Friday / Luxuries


I once was asked, “If you had a lot of money, what is the one luxury you would indulge in?” For many years now, I have had the same answer. This answer however involves two luxuries:

1. A real half court basketball pad in my back yard. Two essential accessories not shown below are the water fountain that, when one pushes the button, produces an arc of icy cold Gatorade, and the outdoor lights that keep the fun from setting with the sun.

Half Court

2. A personal driver. I do not like to drive, unless I’m on a road trip. I would much rather spend my travel time reading, writing, or simply watching the world rush past the windows. (Or am I rushing past the world?)

Lincoln Town Car

What would your luxury be?


5 Responses to “Impractical Friday / Luxuries”

  1. Sarah Says:

    A personal driver. I totally agree! I would have never thought of it.

  2. hannah Says:

    dont you have a personal driver sarah? i hear he wears a suit.

    for me it would be a personal yoga trainer. oh and to be able to shop at whole foods all the time. for everything.

  3. maureen Says:

    Nice–all brilliant ideas. I’m not a big gatorade fan, but I like the way you think anyway. I think I would get windshield wipers that run on a sensor so I don’t have to constantly adjust their speed or hear that horrible dragging-squeak sound. There are not many sounds that rack on my nerves like that one.

    (Perhaps a simple personal driver would solve this one.)

  4. Sage Says:

    Retire and start a rock band. There’s never enough of ’em.

  5. jmac Says:

    a private jet (with pilot) and an island

    maureen, one word for you on the wipers…Bosch.

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