The Dimensions of Frustration


It turns out that my life in Sudan requires a certain document. In strict legal terms, I am required to carry it wherever I go in that great country. The power that created it saw fit to grant this stiff parchment with neither durability, nor a convenient size nor shape. I am told that folding it would be ill-advised. I look upon it in the spirit in which I imagine a cat looks upon a leash.

With some part of my sole having a natural engineering bent, I must quell an inner wail when I see something of this nature. Let me say it this way: decency requires that anything which one is required to carry on his or her person regularly, should be small, light, and durable.

Case in point: my beloved (and newly departed from the Kenyan marketplace) Nokia 1100.

“There’s no mercy in a live wire, no rest at all in freedom…”   -Patty Griffin, Let Him Fly

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3 Responses to “The Dimensions of Frustration”

  1. Sage Says:

    Can you put it in some kind of plastic cover and attach it to your person? Too bad they didn’t tell you about this at orientation. You could have come up with a way to carry this thing. I remember travelling around Europe with my twelve-string. It was like having an extra person with you.

  2. maureen Says:

    Look who’s quoting Patty G! You have learned well, my son….

  3. Sarah Says:

    but the 1200 still has a torch you know

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