Sudan Bound


Dear friends,

I depart this afternoon for Nairobi, Kenya. Once there I will spend an undetermined time before moving on to my new home in the Nuba region of Sudan. In contrast to my previous life in Kenya, I expect to have internet connectivity which actually works from time to time.  I intend to use this space as my main conduit of news to home.

I hope to supplement with photos to my Flickr account:

I might even post a few to my old Kenya gallery:

And who knows, maybe even a video now and then:

Heck, if you are a Facebook user, you can check me out:

And most importantly, I love Skype.
Look for “toby_person”
My main man David may be helping keep the ukweli ship afloat while I am away.  Look for top 5 lists and sass. Youtube Saturdays are already posted for a while.

Thanks to everyone who helps make my life so pleasant. I truly appreciate you all.



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5 Responses to “Sudan Bound”

  1. donna Says:

    Godspeed, Toby. What an amazing adventure you are about to step into. Thank you for allowing us the chance to join with you via the internet and prayer. I will be in prayer for you today as your journey begins.

  2. maureen Says:

    Has it been a year yet?


  3. Sarah Says:

    I think East Africa is ready for top 5 lists, Youtube Saturdays, and so much sass. So excited for you Toby!

  4. brett Says:

    hope you have safe and smooth travels. i know the joys of fitting an above average frame into coach class airplane seating are few and far between.

    kc’s missing you already.

  5. Sage Says:

    Did Toby go somewhere?

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