Beat This


On a lighter note, today I achieved a score of 37,586,961 in Dolphin Olympics.



7 Responses to “Beat This”

  1. Sage Says:

    Did you do it on porpoise?

  2. hannah Says:

    shutta you mouth.

  3. maureen Says:

    i knew i should have kept tabs on your internet tramping today. but i should give you the benefit of the doubt…one hand on the dolphin button, one hand packing?

  4. toby Says:

    Not me, lady. I never caught the dolphin olympics bug.

  5. Nathan Says:

    I am officially addicted. I have yet to crack 100,000 but soon I will and then it is on to 35,000,000!

  6. maureen Says:

    oof. i’m a doof. Sorry David, I fully support your playing Dolphin Olympics.

  7. donna Says:

    oh man oh man. i am officially jealous. you’ve got skillz.

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