Attack the Future With Fever


“We wish you a Happy New Year. And may your path be lighted by the eternal flame of hope. May the sun of longevity rise upon your lawn. Let your grass be green and your fruit yield peace. And your troubles be short as your prosperity be long. May you lay down in satisfaction (I can’t get no) and get up in mirth. Advice to the wise: Attack The Future with Fever Let Dispondency Be a Thing of The Past. And Remeber its not wheather you win or lose but how you play the game.”

-Pat V. (the know it all.)

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4 Responses to “Attack the Future With Fever”

  1. toby Says:

    “I may starve to death, but I’m going to be good at it.”


  2. Sage Says:

    It will be easier to perfect the starving craft in Africa. I’m not sure it is possible to starve in America, unless you are bulemic.

  3. guestspeaker Says:

    great find.

  4. hannah Says:

    i could use some extraterrestrial help too.

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