Youtube Saturday Morning / Creature Comforts part III


Welcome to Youtube Saturday Morning. It’s time to wrap up our Creature Comforts extravaganza. We are throwing in a bonus third video for no better reason than cuz it’s like that!



Old School


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One Response to “Youtube Saturday Morning / Creature Comforts part III”

  1. Sage Says:

    I have to confess some ignorance here (though I think of myself as quite the sophisticate) about pigeon art. I have not appreciated it in the past. I thought it too, well, avant-garde. No, it made Jackson Pollock look like Rembrandt. Pigeons, though, have been practicing their craft for ages, and we all know that practice makes perfect. Now, when I see a statue in the park covered in white doo-doo, I will see it as pigeon improvement. I will savor it. I will want to wallow in it, in the expression of it, in the symmetry, in the romance, in the abstraction, in the sheer beauty. I will recognize it as pigeon expressionism or pigeon surrealism. I may even swoon with delight. I may faint in ecstasis.

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