Prediction 011 :: Population Control As Ecological Panacea


Population control is not the only solution to our ecological problems, but it is a solution to all of our ecological problems.

If you are less than thirty, expect to hear a statement like this from a politician in your lifetime.


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6 Responses to “Prediction 011 :: Population Control As Ecological Panacea”

  1. toby Says:

    Ok. All I’m saying is I had to look up the meaning of “panacea.” Most often I am baffled at the thought that you are NOT using a thesaurus for this stuff.

  2. maureen Says:

    Oof. You were still logged into my comp. Again! Us and our login issuez!

  3. Sage Says:

    See my newest blog for the ultimate population control solution.

  4. Dan Says:

    Population control is a wonderfully unethical solution to improve the human condition. For the ones who aren’t euthanized, that is.

  5. Bristlecone Says:

    It is normal for humans, not unlike other mammals, to bristle at the thought of limiting population. What I don’t understand is why so many people jump immediately to the conclusion that it will mean killing people. It is not only one of our strongest instincts, it is also ingrained into religions, culture, and society.

    In the US, if we actually planned longer than one quarter at a time, we could accomplish a lot. I completely agree that the world is already overpopulated by humans, and that population control shouldn’t just be about “artificially reducing population growth” (see dictionary definition), it should be about reducing the world population, in other words, population reduction.

    This will not be easy. It will require technical and policy solutions that we’ve never given much thought to. In the medium term, I think it may require some sacrifice as the younger folks in the population will have to provide more to support an aging population. But in the long term, it is the only solution to our resource constraints.

    It would mean creating new fields of economics, economics that work based initially on improving the quality of life for the existing individuals – in other words an economy that is not growing in quantitative terms (number of people), but in qualitative terms (what the average person has). In the long term this must translate to planned population reduction through egalitarian birth control.

    Working to better redistribute wealth and democratize power is a required step in the medium term to ensure that the long term strategy will be fair and maintain the diversity of human races.

    I have worked in technology my whole adult life and never cease to be amazed by our human technological progress. However, putting blind faith into technology to save us at the last second is flawed. Would so many people and governments be so interested in creating livable planets elsewhere if we weren’t fearful of our own human desires to continue to allow population to grow unabated? We are a species that is unique in its ability to make choices. How is this choice any different? I for one choose the earth. Even with our technological prowess, we’d be lucky to develop such technologies within a couple centuries with concerted effort. How do you think the earth will look with 50 billion people?

    We also put too much blind faith in our free market capitalist construct. The “invisible hand” of the free market sounds too much akin the role Zeus or Mars played. Today, if you polled the majority of people of the world, they would say that these were just human created concepts to explain those things we didn’t understand. It seems that the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t understand.

    Would this be a perfect system? Of course not. Would it be completely fair and free of corruption? Unlikely. But what would you prefer, chaos and death through disease, pestilence and war, or at least making an attempt to continue to live, love, and thrive as part of our natural environment, instead of trying to conquer it, when we are unable to fully understand the natural forces at work?

    This is the challenge of our generation. We must listen to our internal animal voices extolling our precarious situation, and rise above those same animal functions to use our higher intellect and think and plan and implement our way out of this situation, before the situation, and nature take care of this latest cancer on the planet. Let’s borrow from the Oriental medicine heritage this time to treat the cause and not the symptoms. We must stop population growth, then reverse it to a point of equilibrium.

  6. Bristlecone Says:

    Population reduction and control is not a panacea, it is a necessary but insufficient requirement for sustainable prosperity.

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