Practical Tuesday / Windshield Cover


It’s Practical Tuesday. Do you enjoy hacking ice off of your car’s windshield in the bitter cold of a dark morning? Would you like to recoup that miserably spent time? If scraping is a pound of cure, I’m about to offer you an ounce of prevention. Here is how it breaks down:

1. Find an old towel.

2. Find a heavy object or preferably, dangerously strong magnets.

3.  Put them in your trunk.

4. When it looks like you will be scraping your windshield the next morning, go out the night before and drape the towel over your front windshield.

5. Pin the top edge of the towel on the roof with the weight or magnets.

6. If your towel is sufficiently long, slip it under your windshield wipers at the bottom.

7.  The next morning, remove the towel to reveal an expanse of clear, dry, glass.


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3 Responses to “Practical Tuesday / Windshield Cover”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    It is too late this time… I wish I had this advice yesterday… or when I moved here. I have some dangerously strong magnets… (I am sure you are not surprised:))

  2. maureen Says:

    Man, I don’t have any dangerously strong magnets. But last night I learned that if your towel/blanket is long enough, just slip the edge inside your car door. BAM!

    How did you post such a timely PT all the way from the east coast? You so perceptive.

  3. Sage Says:

    I like to use a sledgehammer to break the ice….anywhere.

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