Practical Tuesday / Cold Weather Clothing


It’s Practical Tuesday. Some years ago, I was riding my bicycle through a cold winter night, as I am wont to do. After a couple of blocks worth of exertion, I was completely comfortable. I ruminated on the wardrobe choices that were working so well for me. I arrived at a rhyme to remind myself of how to dress for cold weather exertion. I pass it on to you, my beloved reader.

Fingers, ears, nose,
genitals, toes;
when a cold wind blows;
you must cover those.


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One Response to “Practical Tuesday / Cold Weather Clothing”

  1. Sage Says:

    You sound like Ogden Nash (one of the greatest poets in history, outranking Virgil, Homer, Dante, Milton, and Dylan Thomas)

    The Ant
    by Ogden Nash

    The ant has made himself illustrious
    Through constant industry industrious.
    So what?
    Would you be calm and placid
    If you were full of formic acid?

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