Youtube Saturday Morning / Creature Comforts part I


Welcome to Youtube Saturday Morning. If you aren’t familiar with the television program Creature Comforts, then you are missing out.  Have a taste.

What’s it all about?

 Being a Bird

By the by, if you ever see Creature Comforts for sale on DVD, it would make a superb birthday gift for yours truly. British version, American version, every version.


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4 Responses to “Youtube Saturday Morning / Creature Comforts part I”

  1. maureen Says:

    I love those sea anemones…and when the starfish laughs and sticks its legs up in the air.

    “It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow…but…eventually we are going to be extinct.”

  2. toby Says:

    Creature Comforts is what originally gave me the idea for Youtube Saturday Morning in the first place.

  3. mike Says:

    hysterical. this is something ethan and i can watch together without boring the other one to death.

  4. katherine Says:

    so great.

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