Youtube Saturday Morning / Surrealist Animation


Welcome to Youtube Saturday Morning. There are a lot of amateur and professional animators posting to Youtube. Today we glimpse into the work of one who has been described as “the Salvador Dali of Youtube.”

Without further ado, here is Cyriak’s Animation Mix.


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4 Responses to “Youtube Saturday Morning / Surrealist Animation”

  1. david Says:

    hands down the best thing i’ve seen on youtube. (not that i’ve seen much)

  2. Sage Says:

    Is there some way I can download this into my brain cells (sans the maddening music)?

  3. Ryan Says:

    I never gave it much thought before, but it turns out that the funniest of all possible images in the universe is a cow falling down the stairs. (For today, anyway.)

  4. jmac Says:

    2nd on the cow

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