Nonsense Political Cartoons


As a child, my orthodontist had a taste for antique political cartoons. Given the peculiarities of my jaw development, I spent many long hours staring at these complex visual metaphors. Oddly enough, I have very little patience for or interest in politics itself. Most of the cartoons I was fascinated with were of a vintage such that I had no idea of the events too which they were related. I have occasionally experimented with drawing political cartoons myself. They have met with very little success. I will let you in on the one and only joke of my political cartoons…they don’t make any sense! I think the following is my best to date. Let me know if it tickles you in any way.


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8 Responses to “Nonsense Political Cartoons”

  1. crabbnation Says:

    it’s hilarious. had you not confessed up front that it was all a joke, i probably would have spent a bunch of time trying to decipher it. you are a complicated man, toby.

  2. david Says:

    it tickles me that Philip Morris is misspelled.

    nice buffalo.

  3. Sage Says:

    The thing makes perfect sense to me. An absolute political masterpiece.

  4. Rustin Says:

    I won a state competition for political cartoon drawing in 1992. I haven’t drawn one since. This may inspire something new. Wait…no it’s not working.

  5. toby Says:

    There is a state competition? I don’t suppose you have your winning entry, Rustin?

  6. getitgotitgoods Says:

    don’t you have one with a T-Rex? if not, you need one.

  7. toby Says:

    It was actually harder to to find one without a T-Rex.

  8. maureen Says:

    1-I don’t believe I know about the peculiarities of your jaw development. I look forward to that conversation.
    2-Fact: I have spent a day on a Philip Morris “junk boat” (somewhere between a pontoon and a small yacht) on Hong Kong Harbour. But I did not partake in any of their products, though they were abundant and free for the taking.

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