Youtube Saturday Morning / My Early Muir Owl


Welcome to Youtube Saturday Morning. Ladies, you will probably love this one. Single gentlemen, the bar has been raised.


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5 Responses to “Youtube Saturday Morning / My Early Muir Owl”

  1. Sage Says:

    Way cool. Can she trust a guy that is that deceptive? But the music. Wowee. Who is dat?

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    How exactly did you find this? Are you out there at 3am typing in crazy searches just to see what will pop up? Nice…..

  3. donna Says:

    The Band: Sigur Ros. Toby, if you didn’t notice, that’s the same song we used in the auction video. So good.

  4. toby Says:

    Sure. They are blowing up so big in private video right now. Also, if anybody wants to know how to pronounce their name:

  5. maureen Says:

    Well, that’s precious and all but there was no owl. I get it, but you should know better than to tease me with hopes of seeing an owl. :)

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