But He Certainly Find Out the Answer!


It’s no secret that I have a deep and profound love for Engrish. But this DVD case, courtesy of one Maureen takes it to a new level.

Bourne Inentity front

Bourne Inentity back

Bourne Inentity text

I’m going to transcribe it here just in case it is hard to read. You do not want to miss this.

“An Italian fishing boat on the water the rise an individual. This Human body up were shoot intoed two bullets by person, and still have the knife wound, on the brink of death, the more strange his body still contain tiny film with the passward of the bank account of a Switzerland bank. Were saved to come to the hereafter, and the health of this individual quickly recovered, but he however and completely want to arise from who I is not. The person that as to how can were shot to harm, how drift about the sea, bodied by thing is again to is what is the row, and is also all of the orders to have no. But he certainly find out the answer. -who can have no a live bottom of ground go to?”

This makes the word “into” a verbIntoed? Incredible.

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10 Responses to “But He Certainly Find Out the Answer!”

  1. hannah Says:

    i hope im saved to come to the hearafter. amen.

  2. Sage Says:

    That’s the first thing I’ve read in years that made sense to me.

  3. TYOTD Says:

    But, he certainly find out the answer.

  4. hannah Says:


    you might like this.

  5. crabbnation Says:

    oh hannah, you made my day! look what i did:

    “While Orangutans is not even mah favo’ite of th’ great apes, they is fascinatin’ an’ indangered, cuss it all t’ tarnation. An’, believe it o’ not, this hyar guy is runnin’ fo’ their benefit t’morry mo’nin’. Moe an’ Larhoun’dog were both strong motivato’s, but t’be honess it was th’ idea of runnin’ through th’ zoo thet pow’ful sold me.”

  6. hannah Says:

    It’s aww fow you Mike.

  7. maureen Says:

    I wish I could show you another great engrish experience: Engrish subtitles for Harry Potter during a film that in fact, was not Harry Potter. Oh geez. So awesome. I must find that dvd.

  8. nathan Says:

    That is awesome.

  9. Igford Says:

    That is some awesome engrish. I love it.

  10. lou ann Says:

    hi toby! that was a tear jerker! i have seen some good ones, but that is a sublime item. i’m going to be looking for my live bottom of ground. i’m going to think about it anyway. maureen should treasure these great specimens of your engrish that she’s collected! very funny

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