Orangutans are People Too


Maybe that is an exaggeration. To be fair, their name derives from the Malay phrase orang hutan which literally means “person of the forest.” They do build structures, use tools, and sometimes wear hats on their own initiative. Male Orangutans exhibit “bimodal sexual development” with actual physical differences. Choose your own adventure?



While Orangutans are not even my favorite of the great apes, they are fascinating and endangered. And, believe it or not, this guy is running for their benefit tomorrow morning. Moe and Lardog were both strong motivators, but to be honest it was the idea of running through the zoo that really sold me.

I’ve had a hit and miss relationship with running for many years. (BORING!) It never really worked up to the necessary intensity to pull me away from my true love of cycling. Why pound your knees into early failure when you could be weaving through traffic and multiplying your efforts with mechanical advantage?

But then again, who can say no to an activity that lets you wear shoes like this:

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11 Responses to “Orangutans are People Too”

  1. maureen Says:

    okay, okay–MAYBE those orangutans are KIND OF cute. Just maybe. I also have a pronunciation question: I usually here it said, “orangu-TANG” as opposed to “TAN”. Major difference. What say you to this?

  2. mike Says:

    i think the top one looks like clark with an orange wig.

  3. toby Says:

    I’ve known the correct spelling for decades, but I still like to say “OrangutanG”. I consider it the classic pronunciation.

  4. Sage Says:

    Orange-U-Tang. It is a citrus drink. Don’t you guys know anything?

  5. rylee Says:

    i am so in love with animals but i’ve always loved and been fascinated with orang-utans animals are my reason to live they are my escape from people and life i live for them only

  6. shannon Says:

    well i love them but i do not believe they are people too would you need to go to uni to work with these primates??

  7. hanah Says:

    omgg they are nothing like humans

  8. ginge Says:

    they are like humans!!!
    i LOOOVEEEEEE them!

  9. Lexi Says:

    i ABSOLUTLY love them!!!!!!!!

  10. EMILY BOO! Says:

    gansta goose skilladg ;D xxx

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