Prediction 0008: My Death


I predict that I will die by shark attack.


7 Responses to “Prediction 0008: My Death”

  1. hannah Says:

    well seeing as how sharks are rare in kansas, i predict a long fruitful life ahead of you.

  2. david Says:

    I predict I will die trying to prevent the fruition of this prediction

  3. TYTOD Says:

    Let me draw your attention to a LBOD post from January 3, 2006. That’s not how you want to go, dude.

  4. Leigh Ann Says:

    While surfing off the coast of….????

  5. Sage Says:

    He is referring to a premonition of a future war in which he and a few brave men will face an army of desperate used car salesmen.

  6. getitgotitgoods Says:

    you probably need to move to the coast to fulfill this prediction.

  7. brigitte 101 Says:

    ok u go die by a shark attack u freak

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