Prediction 0007 :: Books Are Here to Stay


That pretty much says it all. We have had the technology to put thousands of books in a digital format in our pockets, possibly for free, for years. We have not done so to any sizable extent. Some of us watch movies on ipods. We reduce symphonies to ring-tones. But the big, heavy book is still with us. It’s information turned into mass. I think books are with us to stay; like dogs and bread and beetles and grass. I for one am glad.


4 Responses to “Prediction 0007 :: Books Are Here to Stay”

  1. hannah Says:

    put me in the glad column as well.

  2. david Says:

    i half agree. i think encyclopedias, dictionaries & textbooks are out. wikipedia & virtual desks are swooping in. also, you can get hundreds of audio books on iTunes now, which is great for commuters but i agree that the literary works are pretty safe…for now.

    we’ll see what happens when natural resources can no longer support mass production of paper products.

  3. toby Says:

    I finally try to make an optimistic prediction, and who comes down on it? David-the guy who called me out on the pessimism in the first place.

  4. The Sage Says:

    My prediction: Those heavy paper books are doomed, but not to extinction. It will take awhile to replace them. They are still very useful and the best technology to replace them hasn’t arrived yet.

    What is changing are people’s reading habits. It’s already a fact that people are reading less. Blogs, for instance, are forcing us to trim the fat off our communications. Literature has to cut to the chase.

    I remember, as a kid, reading books by guys like Victor Hugo. That guy could write a single sentence that was a page long! In those days, people appreciated it. They had all the time in the world to read something. The more cumbersome the better. People would sit in church all day. Now we are under a virtual barrage of entertainment from all angles. We have to multi-task entertainment (or choose one and be satisfied).

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