Title and Registration


I’m going to strive to avoid complaining. My hope is that this tale will leave you with two things: a piece of practical advice, and an observation on humanity and my personal challenges in dealing with same.

The registration on my vehicle is due to be renewed this month. I attempted to do this using the provided website as strongly recommended by the mailing I had received.  No dice, my vehicle was not found in their database. Whatever. I used the postal service.

With the end of July approaching, I still had not received my sticker.  I called the DMV and was told that my registration had been posted on the 28th of June. With hardly a pause, I was told to file a police report. I was specifically instructed to return to the DMV station with a case number and officer’s name.

I called my local police station and explained that I needed to file a report. I was in turn told that I needed to report in person to do so. I repeated to the lady on the phone the instructions I had heard from the lady at the DMV. I was told, “No, you do not need an officer’s name.”

As I drove to the station, I contemplated the minor confrontation I might have to stage to acquire the “officer’s name.” Waiting in line at the DMV twice is not appealing to me. At the desk in the station I was again told that I did not need an officer’s name. I was given a report to fill out. I want you to know that registration theft is so common in Prairie Village, that they have a specific form for it. The officer told me that they file 10-12 such reports in an average week.

The officer took my form away and returned with a small grey card I was supposed to present to the DMV. It has two lines printed on it to be filled in by hand.  They are labeled “case number” and “officer on duty.”

Practical advice:  If you live in Prairie Village, Kansas; it is probably worth your while to do your registration renewal in person at the DMV. The officer I spoke with speculated that a post office employee was selling the renewal stickers on a regular basis.

Observation on Humanity:  Why was I specifically told that I did need an officer’s name, then twice told that I did not, then given the name by the people who said I didn’t need it? Why do I pay so close attention to what people say? Does anyone else in this world value clear instructions? I mean, the lady on the phone was actually hostile about insisting I didn’t need the officer’s name.  Is there something about me?



8 Responses to “Title and Registration”

  1. The Sage Says:

    It’s easier in Nairobi?

  2. toby Says:

    Another oddity of this story just occurred to me. I never was asked to present any identification at the police station. I filed a police report that had (an admittedly tiny) potential to lead to a mail fraud case. This seems wrong to me.


  3. hannah Says:

    i always go in person and i live in the dot.

  4. Leigh Ann Says:

    Did you get your new sticker? I am always interested in the final outcome… the details are details… nontheless, you really make them interesting :)

  5. jmac Says:

    I appreciate clear instructions and an accurate recounting of details so much my husband has taken to calling me The Fact Cop (recommended by our dear friend, Sarah). I never go to the DMV in person…too many previous bad experiences with extremely long waits and urges to punch the person helping me in the face. You’d think if a postal employee was really selling these on a regular basis, they could trace it pretty easily…they don’t seem to change all that often. On a similar note, someone told me their postal carrier was fired for stealing the FREE BURRITO coupons that Chipotle sent out this past spring. Who knows, maybe free burritos for a month was worth it to her.

  6. kristen Says:

    So anyone who knows us would know that John didn’t write that last comment…stupid shared computer saved info.

  7. toby Says:

    Leigh Ann, I think this is one of the things I admire most about you. You keep your eye on the outcome. I am always tripping up on the details.

    Fact Cop! Ha!

  8. Leigh Ann Says:

    Well, my initials are “LAW” … I am living up to them :)

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