The Survival of Romance in a Dystopic Future


A thing which could hardly be believed about me from casual observation is that I am a sucker for a high quality romance. Two of my most trusted lady friends have recently lent me books in this vein. Read on, and you may come to the conclusion that I also need science fiction and tragedy to make a romance enjoyable. I want to stress that this is often, but not always the case.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

There is little I can say about this book without giving away its power. I found the first half so boring that I nearly quit on it. But that was when an unexpected love and the first hooks of a gruesome reality came in. One reviewer calls this book, “…a tour de force of knotted tension, and buried anguish.” I think that description is about right. Partly because I have a soft spot for the expression “tour de force.”

The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger

A fascinating love story of a man who suffers from a genetic disorder that causes him to move at random (seemingly) through time and space, and the wife who first meets him when she is six and he is 43. Later he first meets her when she is 20 and he is 28. I would not say that this book had the best prose of all time. I do say that there are some major inconsistencies in how Mrs. Niffenegger deals with causality. The ending of the story was not entirely satisfying to me. But that all became secondary to me compared to a fascinating tale and a great love story.


3 Responses to “The Survival of Romance in a Dystopic Future”

  1. hannah Says:

    you are a sucker, but my favorite one. should i pick up the first one?

  2. toby Says:

    I’ve still got it on loan from my sister. I’ll bring it by this week.

  3. The Sage Says:

    Another good book right now is THE ROAD. Kind of a man-book, though.
    A post-apocalyptic story that would probably be good for a Shamalayan comeback.

    And I need my novel back if you’re going to read all this other garbage.

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