AIM-Tech Burned to the Ground


AIM-Tech, the building and engineering ministry of Africa Inland Mission in Kenya suffered a major fire yesterday night. Specifically, the shop building and its apartments burned. The fire seemed to have started in the kitchen on the second story. No one was injured. My friend and colleague James Holt lost the whole of his possessions in Kenya. Very nearly every bit of the practical assets of AIM-Tech were destroyed. Tools, equipment, vehicles, supplies, the entire office and countless bits and pieces are now in ruins.

This is devastating news to me. I can only wonder at what James, and Jim and Laura Propst must be feeling now. The loss must be staggering. I wonder what my Kenyan friends Bernard and Peter will do now that the center of their employment is no more. The contents of the AIM-Tech shop would seem meagre to any metalworking shop in the United States, but every bit of it was hard won, costly to maintain, and precious to the work. The legacy that is lost is hard to express to anyone who has not been to East Africa.

I do not doubt that the AIM-Tech team will go on. My faith is small and I am left with no clear idea of how the assets can ever be replaced. This is not the end of AIM-Tech, but I can’t help but think it is the end of AIM-Tech as I knew it.

The shop building was my home and place of work for over two years. It was the central symbol of something I believed in very strongly. It was a place where compassion was carried into practical action. It was not pretty; but it was beautiful. For me it was a physical manifestation of a higher world. I feel as though an anchor has been removed from me. Adrift.

AIM-Tech ruins

AIM-Tech ruins 2


5 Responses to “AIM-Tech Burned to the Ground”

  1. vikkie Says:

    my heart breaks as you tell this story. What can we all do to help. Please let us know if we can send money or do a fundraiser of some type. I am thinking and praying for you and your friends at AIM-Tech

  2. donna Says:

    toby, there are no words in a situation like this. my house burned down when i was in high school and that was one of the main things that i experienced in that situation: no words. i’m so sorry for you and all those involved that you have to live through something like this!! but i will tell you one thing from my own experience. never before have i experienced the tangible grace, mercy, and provision of God. people that i had never met were bringing us food and clothes; people that didn’t know of us before that time were volunteering their time to help us clean and salvage whatever we could. it is my prayer for you and for all of AIM-Tech that you will experience the same goodness of God’s character in light of such a hard thing as this; may your lives be changed as you play witness to His miracles.

  3. hannah Says:

    toby i am so sorry for you. i also have no words, but would like to help in any way.

  4. katherine Says:

    Toby, so sorry to hear this; I know how much this shop meant to you. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and James, Jim and Laura Propst, Bernard, Peter and everyone else that was affected by this.

  5. The Sage Says:

    I’m with Donna on this, son. Something better is coming. Watch.

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