Shock and Awe


My truck got pwned!

paintball attack 1

Evidence suggests there was a skirmish in our culvert. I think my truck merely received collateral damage.

Paintball 5

Is this stuff water soluble? If so, I will have no hard feelings. If not, why not?

paintball attack 4

People’s exhibit A:

paintball attack 3

If I am wrong in the assessment that these are paint balls, my next best explanation is sad. Perhaps there was a bird roosted in the tree above my truck. Perhaps he was having a very bad night.



3 Responses to “Shock and Awe”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    This is def washable!!! (My boys once painted the neighborhood in Nevada… they had to clean it up) It usually turns to a clear gel after being in the sun…

  2. anonymous Says:

    courtesy of all those who want your graffixx removed…

    you got pink’d!

  3. jmac Says:

    that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t have graffixx

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