Dreams Needed


I had a couple of dooseys the other night. Check them out.

I’m not sure if I’ve broadly mentioned this, so I’ll do it now. Dream Collector needs submissions from anybody. I’m happy to keep any personal details private. I just want the dreams.

If you’ve got a good one you want to share, email me. If you don’t know my email address, you can use the contact page at Dream Collector.

I’d really appreciate it. I’m having trouble producing enough material on my own.


One Response to “Dreams Needed”

  1. The Sage Says:

    I had one last night, 07-06-07. I ran into Paul McCartney (the Beatle) here in Topeka. He immediately took a liking to me and invited me over to his new digs south of town. It was a large tract of land with a few buildings on it that he wanted to develop.

    The dream was long and drawn out with me conversing with him about all kinds of stuff. I found him a little difficult and strange, but we both liked each other.

    He came up, finally, with some submarine sandwiches, but he started eating without saying to me, “Have one.” So it was a bit awkward. I found him a little difficult and distant, and hard to converse with in the dream.

    But it was a pleasant encounter all the same. One of those dreams you wake up from with a good feeling. Very realistic, too.

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