Independence Day


I really enjoyed Independence Day this year. My old friends the Pitts invited me over for a thoroughly traditional barbecue and fireworks display:

Afterward, I swung by the home of some other old friends. They were putting on a slightly more down-home style show:

Huffman Sparklers

I rode my bike to reach all this excitement. On the way I saw what became my favorite sight of the day:

owl on car

Look a little closer there:

owl closeup


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6 Responses to “Independence Day”

  1. hannah Says:

    i think david hates that picture. plus it is one huffster short. lets go with this one

  2. mike Says:

    that owl has special needs. one legged, two-toed, perched on a car in the daylight? that may have been its last appearance.

  3. The Sage Says:

    I think Lucas was having more of a fireworks show than we had at Shawnee. The gang around here bought about $400 dollars worth, but we didn’t even hang around for it.

    As for the owl, I think it’s a sign. You see, I dream in owl and I speak in owl. I know a black lady who pronounces my name “owl.” I don’t know what the sign means, but who cares? It’s just good to have a sign.

  4. Debby Says:

    It may have been freaked-out by the fireworks.

  5. toby Says:

    Mom, that’s just what I was thinking. I’m betting July 4th is the least popular holiday among urban owls.

    He did fly away later, Mike. So at least he has that going for him.

  6. mike Says:

    yeah. i guess i’m just pretty jealous i didn’t see an owl up close. sorry i bullied your owl.

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