I Live Here?


So, on a favorite user generated encyclopedia of mine, I found out that the city I live in had the following racial distribution at last count:

96.15% White
0.78% African American
0.16% Native American
1.13% Asian
0.03% Pacific Islander
0.64% from other races
1.11% from two or more races
Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.27% of the population

This is not too cool. However, a small consolation is that a certain celebrity spent a small part of his childhood here. You guessed it–Chuck Norris!



One Response to “I Live Here?”

  1. The Sage Says:

    Are you saying Mr. Norris eliminated the competing races in Kansas City?
    Is that any way for a Texas Ranger to act? And when did he defect to Texas? By which means did he do his damage: blazing guns or a mind-boggling display of martial arts?

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