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Events have conspired such that I have spent a significant amount of my time lately in close commune with my motor vehicle. I have been attempting repairs. My dubious faculty of troubleshooting however, has largely resulted in my performing what I am calling optional service with at best indirect impact on the true mechanical fault(s).

In 1995, Nissan and Toyota both saw fit to decorate the exteriors of some of their small pickups with large decals. I believe these were meant to evoke the kind of sporty, xxtreme lifestyle that marketing wizards are still ploying today. The decals on my pickup, for example, are clearly meant to suggest that one has recently ( regularly?) jumped through an exploding glacier at 300 mph. My landlord Jeff suggested that these be called “graffix”. ( He may have pronounced the word “grrrafikth.”) I do not particularly care for the graffix, but friends of mine seem to love them. One even recently suggested that they were “very you.” I did not know that I projected the xxtreme lifestyle, but it can be hard to know our own hearts.

Here is the right side of my pickup today:

Graffix right

Yesterday, in a fatalistic fugue state brought on by numerous hours squirming around in the rust and detritus shed by the undercarriage of my truck; I needed to see change. Not progress mind you, just any kind of change in my truck’s status. I reached up and slowly peeled away a section of the graffix. It turns out they are just huge vinyl stickers. Here you can see the results of my brief madness:


No harm done. Not even an adhesive residue. Here is the new look of the left side:

Graffix left

I’ve decided to put the fate of my truck’s graffix to you–my blogging audience. All you have to do is comment to this post with your vote–keep or remove. Feel free to add any comments you wish, but I will only count votes. To have a useful vote, we need a sufficient sample size. If less than 20 individual votes arrive, I will consider the public uninterested, and I will do as I wish. If someone presents a credible, technical reasoning for leaving the graffix in place, I will do so. For example aerodynamics or paint damage would be valid, preserving xxtremosity would not. I will abide by the decision of a 2/3rds majority of at least 20 distinct votes. Voting will close midnight of 26 June 2007.


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21 Responses to “Vote : Graffix!– keep or remove”

  1. clark Says:


  2. The Sage Says:

    Remove. It reminds me of Las Vegas: it is tacky and it stinks. But, if you decide to keep it, learn to be an Elvis. I do think one of the greatest looks in car bodies was the “two-tone” of the fifties. They should bring that back.

  3. toby Says:

    Did you mean “tacky” as a pun? If so, well done sir!

  4. Leigh Ann Says:

    remove (add some real ones… painted flames! )

  5. brett Says:

    KEEP – email address is tobyxx and you don’t think you’re xxtreme…think again my friend.

  6. TYOTD Says:

    Battlecat!! K-E-E-P.

  7. Richard Says:

    I think you should surgically remove it and send it to Kenya where I am sure it will be an instant hit, especially amongst the matatu industry.
    Bernard could open a shop and sell it along with horse pipe.

  8. Rustin Says:

    Remove…and keep – just not on your truck. How about the living room wall?

  9. jmac Says:

    keep. but maybe systematically cut them out to say something, like “Xtreme” or something.

  10. toby Says:

    Richard, I am seriously looking into investing in a horse pipe for my truck.

  11. nathan colgate Says:

    I’m with rustin.

  12. sarah Says:

    Keep…but please remove front driver’s side decal for purposes of symmetry.

  13. ke Says:

    keep. don’t forget that the truck is teal. decals & teal kind of go together.

  14. hannah Says:

    keep. brett makes a compelling arguement. also i think you should start saving your funds for a rear window decal. russell perhaps?

  15. katherine Says:

    Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll think i’ve spotted a friends car so i’ll drive up slowly and do a sort-of half wave; suddenly upon closer inspection, i realize it’s a complete stranger and my wave quickly turns into a tucking my hair behind my ears move. With your teal paint job & decals, your friends will be able to identify you and wave hello with confidence.

  16. mike Says:

    i need more information: are the GRAFFIX! smooth to the touch or are they textured in some manner?

  17. toby Says:

    Mike, TWSS?

    I think they have a small amount of texture. They look a lot like old school glow in the dark stickers. If they actually glowed in the dark, this vote would not be necessary.

  18. The Sage Says:

    The display of democracy here is, well, making me all teary. This is an historic vote, isn’t it? But I am considering changing my vote to remove the decals to keep the decals. If this vote were taken in Iraq, there would be 24 options and only 24 people showing up at the polls to vote.

  19. david Says:

    remove. i think most of the “keep’ votes here are for selfish reasons. no one but you has to live with the graffixx and drive them around the city.

    i’d love to see the truck in its solid teal ferocity.

  20. mike Says:


  21. TireAstoria Says:


    Goodyear Eagle F1

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